About smûk

Careful to keep your luggage weight low but luring for some home comforts on your travels? The smûk is your best companion for long flights, bouncy bus rides and busy train journeys. It gives you comfort during your travels to heavy air-conditioned hotels or at sweaty festival campsites. Use it to bright up a plain tank top, as a face cover for a quick nap or as a skirt for a mid-night pee. Works well as a pick-nick blanket too!


Smûk [smook]

Smûk, is a word from the Frisian language, a tiny, but true language from one of the Northern provinces in the Netherlands. It means homy and cosy. Smuk in Danish means beautiful.The fabric of each smûk is carefully selected by Femke during her travels to match colours and patterns of local outfits that represent minorities, regions or valleys. The fabrics are then cut and sewed in the typical comfortable smûk shape, by seamstress Annie, that is so perfect and multi-functional for even more travel. Each smûk is almost unique. You can find the number of smûks made from the same fabric in the product description.

Femke [Femku]

Femke is the person behind smûk. Femke grew up in a small town in Friesland. Since then she has seen a lot of the world. But something of this proud region in Holland stuck with her. She still looks out for local customs, habits and traditions. She visits places where she feels she needs to hurry up to see them before globalisation makes these people choose mainstream outfits. But when she gets to these locations she chooses a slow means of traveling, the bicycle. 

She bought the fabric for her first smûk in Medan. A guide in the jungle of North Sumatra had showed her some of the many ways of using the local Sarong when she was cycling from Aceh to Medan. Keen to only travel with carry-on luggage she never stopped using them since. After getting friends and family hooked she started this online store. 

Femke and smûk are based in Hong Kong and London.


A double sided silky logo and unlimited types of fabrics require an experienced seamstress. Annie has worked at a Hong Kong based factory for over 15 years sewing everything from trousers to bras, until the operation moved to China, with only the showroom remaining. Now Annie works for a fabric shop in Sham Shui Po where she helps out in everything from sales to finances.

Luckily for the smûk shop she still enjoys sewing and she therefore became the seamstress of all those colourful and comfortable smûks. Unfortunately Femke does not speak Cantonese, limiting the communication between Femke and Annie to rating the sewing challenge of the fabrics from "Ok la" to "very difficult", but her colleagues are there to help out. Annie always welcomes Femke with a big smile and a cup of Chinese tea.