ilovenoord special edition September 14 2013

The smûk's originate from proud, remote regions with distinct culture, language and dress sense. Regions where locals feel so connected with their valley, village or mountain-range that they never leave or always return. Amsterdam North, all the way at the other side of the waterway and at the, previously wrong side of the central station, is for some still as remote as taking the train to Utrecht. It is one of those few city districts that has managed to transform itself from a no-go-area a few years ago, to the place-to-be that even The New York Times is talking about. The early adapters of Amsterdam North now proudly compete over the year they moved to North, or even better it is if you grew up there, as if its one of the remote travel destinations the smûk originate from. 

How well does the smûk fit with this city district! We therefore made a 'smûk special editon' for the people behind Amsterdam North's own online magazine, with a big online and offline presence and community. With a ridiculous amount of festivals, lots of open, chilly space and pick-nick events in the park, smûk hopes that the 'ilovenoord special edition' will keep all those proud Northerners warm and comfortable this autumn and winter.

For more information about Amsterdam North and ilovenoord visit or for the English version.