Bhutan April 15 2013

The small Himalaya nation of Bhutan is probably the only country with a national dress code for its citizens.  Man wear a Gho, a knee-lengt robe secured with a belt at hip level accompanied by knee-high black socks and black shoes. Woman wear a Kira, a robe touching the ankles and hold up by a silver brooch on each shoulder. Depending on the occasion or weather they wear a silk jacket, the Toego over the Kira. The wide end of the sleeves of both the undershirt of the men and the Toego for the woman are usually white, light blue or a contrasting colour to the Gho or Kira. Men seem to go for almost more colorful patterns than woman, which woman compensated by carrying their little ones in bright yellow, pink and orange scarfs.

I visited Bhutan in April of 2013 and brought back some amazing fabrics. Even-though most of the fabric I found is actually made in India, the patterns and colours are hard to find outside of Bhutan. Many of the fabrics I bought I saw back transformed in a Gho or Kira whilst I discovered Thimphu, the capital. Since Bhutan requests a hefty tourist tax for all its visitors I will probably not be able to go back anytime soon. The Bhutan smûk's are therefore definitely a limited edition!