China January 13 2014

 55, is the official number of recognised minority groups in China, but there are many more. Living in Hong Kong has given me the opportunity to visit many provinces and regions in China where these group still maintain their local customs, in the way they dress, cook, the language they use and the rituals they perform. All though the dominant Han-Chinese often look down on these minority groups, it seems that the Chinese government does recognise the importance of these groups, if only for great tourist destinations. The members of these groups are also excluded from the one-child policy, which results in more lively mountain villages where traditionally only the children and elderly remain, whilst the young men and woman are working in other parts of China.  

The fabric from the China smûk is made from the traditional fabric used for the famous Chinese dresses with the high up collar. This Chinese smûk is half the size of the original smûk due to the high price of the silk fabric.